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As a personal injury victim, it’s normal to feel confused and have numerous questions about the next steps you should take to get justice. One of the most common dilemmas you might be having at this point is whether it’s worth obtaining legal help.

What does a personal injury lawyer do, and how will they help your case? Read on to get the answers to these and other questions you’re likely to be mulling over during this difficult time.

Review Your Case

When you meet with a personal injury attorney, they’ll start by asking you questions to understand your injury case. Any evidence you might have documented when the incident occurred will also come in handy at this point. We can even help if you’ve been hurt by an incident at work.

Your lawyer will then use their expertise and experience to help you chart the way forward for your case. When finding legal help in a diverse state like Texas, you’re better off contacting a multilingual law firm like The Estes Law Firm.

Investigate the Incident and Gather Evidence

If an attorney determines that you can file a claim and receive compensation for your damages, they’ll start their investigation right away. Here, your injury lawyer gathers evidence like speaking to eyewitnesses, consulting experts, and compiling this information to build a strong strategy for the claim.

With years of experience, they’ll know how and where to find such evidence easily.

Helping You File a Claim

A personal injury lawyer can also help you with the process of filing a claim. They’ll take care of all legal procedures like sending a demand letter, handling communication with the insurance company, filing the necessary documents, and so on.

Having a lawyer at this stage ensures that the insurer is not taking advantage of you by insisting on offering a low ball settlement.

Negotiating and Taking Your Case to Trial if Necessary

Handling the insurance company after suffering a personal injury is one of the crucial reasons to obtain an attorney. A few days after the accident, an insurance adjuster may call and ask you questions to get you to admit fault. If unsuccessful, they might convince you to accept their settlement offer—but they’re almost always insufficient.

With legal help, you don’t have to speak to the insurer at all. If their offer is not enough to recover complete damages, the attorney will negotiate with the insurance company until you get what you deserve.

And if they’re unwilling to settle your proposed offer even after mediation or arbitration, a legal professional can take the case to trial, where a judge or jury makes a verdict.

Reach Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is the greatest asset you can have for your case. They understand the law to the letter, their goal is to help you win by finding justice, and they’ll do everything necessary to fight for this.

If you’ve suffered any kind of personal injury in Texas, do not hesitate to get legal help. Start by scheduling a free no-obligation consultation with The Estes Law Firm, and then you can decide from there.

Get in touch by calling 281-238-5400 or filling out the contact form below.