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Choosing the Right Attorney After a Missouri City Accident

Injuries happen all the time, and Missouri City residents are not immune to that. Sadly, these accidents can leave a financial and emotional scar on Texas residents, making it difficult to overcome the losses they’ve suffered. That’s especially true if the at-fault party declines to help you recover.

The local lawyers at The Estes Law Firm can help. Your Missouri City personal injury lawyer can bring the tools you need to recover, making your personal injury claim easier for you. Here’s how we can do that.

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Who’s Liable for a Missouri City Personal Injury Claim? 

When you plan to sue for your personal injury, determining fault is an important first step. But how do you know who’s liable for your injuries and your suffering? 

Liability falls on the person who’s financially responsible for your injuries. Often, that blame falls on the person who caused your injuries. For example, someone may have tried to injure you intentionally. 

But liability is also rarely that simple. For example, another driver may have lost control of their car and struck you. The crash ultimately caused your injuries, but the manufacturer producing faulty brakes could be held liable for their defective product.

Unsure how to identify the liable party in a Missouri City claim? Talk to your lawyer. Below is a sample of possible liable parties who may be at fault for your injuries and suffering: 

Compensation for Injured Missouri City Residents

When you’re hurt, you need funds, also known as damages, that reflect the caliber of your loss and hardships. But these damages can be tough to calculate. Because of this, consider speaking with your lawyer about all the ways the incident has negatively affected your life.

For example, your economic damages should include all financial costs you’ve suffered because of your injuries. That may include hospital bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Your lawyer can help you add up these expenses while you focus on your recovery. 

But what about the intangible pain and hardships you suffered because of your injuries? This emotional pain is compensated with non-economic damages. They cover the intangible suffering you experienced because of your injuries. These may include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, and more. 

Call a Missouri City Personal Injury Attorney 

A serious Missouri City accident can impact your quality of life for years to come. But the at-fault party may not be interested in helping you recover. They may instead be more interested in their own financial health. 

That’s why you may need a Missouri City personal injury lawyer. At The Estes Law Firm, we know it’s tough to recover when the at-fault party doesn’t want to pay and we’re here to help victims of our community make a full financial recovery. When you’re ready to take back control of your life, schedule your free consultation by calling 281-238-5400 or by completing the following online contact form.

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