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Car accidents can leave you wondering how to start collecting evidence for your claim. The following information will help you with identifying evidence for your car accident claim and improve your chances of winning your case.

Car Accident Claim Evidence

Police reports are always a good place to start when trying to determine whether or not you need more proof for your accident claim.

When the police respond to calls for car accidents, they’ll usually take statements from witnesses and record their observations before clearing the scene. These records can be invaluable when it comes time to file a formal claim with your insurance company.

However, a police report is not always necessary for claiming compensation for your injuries.

For example, if you were hit by another driver who ran a red light, then there should be documentation of this at the scene or there could be video surveillance cameras nearby.

In such cases where no police report exists, or if there is conflicting information in the report, it may be necessary to hire an investigator who will obtain testimony from witnesses and other evidence supporting your side of the story.

Testimony from witnesses is important. If there were any witnesses to your crash, they may be able to provide testimony about what happened.

If someone else witnessed what happened in your crash and is willing to provide testimony on your behalf, then this is additional proof that bolsters your case.

Medical records are also extremely important. When people are injured in car accidents and need to establish fault, it’s important to make sure all injuries are well-documented. Information from test results, X-rays, and MRI scans are all important.

If you had to pay for medical care, this is an important piece of evidence that can help to prove the extent of your injuries. Keep all receipts and proof of payment in case they are needed later.

Pictures or videos taken at the scene of the crash can be helpful as proof that there was indeed an accident and other people were present when it occurred. Pictures also show how severely injured you were as well as how much damage was done to both vehicles.

Get Legal Help Identifying Evidence

Car accidents can lead to confusion and despair. You have a right to be upset, and these feelings are even more intense if the other parties involved don’t agree with your version of what happened.

There is help available, however. The Estes Law Firm is here to guide you through your compensation claim.

While identifying evidence for your car accident claim is difficult, it’s not impossible. Our lawyers know the importance of getting fair compensation for the losses you have suffered. Contact us online through the contact form on this page or call 281-238-5400 for a free consultation.