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Richmond Personal Injury FAQ

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you’re probably experiencing a significant amount of pain that stops you from working while medical bills keep piling up. The steps you need to take to protect your rights can be confusing, but if you’re seeking compensation, taking legal action is necessary. 

To proceed, you need answers to your questions about personal injury claims. Keep in mind that every case is different and influenced by a number of unique factors. At The Estes Law Firm, we understand how important knowing your case is. Get answers from a Richmond personal injury lawyer and check out our most commonly-asked questions below. 

What should I do after an accident?

The first step you should take after an accident, after getting medical care, is to gather as much evidence as possible. Taking pictures of the damage caused to your property, collecting statements from witnesses, and including any useful details in an accident report can go a long way. 

Keep in mind that collecting evidence shouldn’t be done at the expense of your health. If your injuries are severe, seeking medical attention should be your priority. If you choose to ignore this option, the evidence you gathered could become useless. The defense and their insurance companies may accuse you of committing actions that made your injuries worse.

Can I file a claim when I’m not hurt?

You should seek compensation and speak with a personal injury attorney even if you feel fine. You can still be compensated for damages done to your property.

Even if you feel fine after a traumatic event like an accident doesn’t mean you weren’t injured. Adrenaline can be hiding the pain, and symptoms from brain injuries, or any kind of head trauma, can take a few days or even a week to appear.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim?

Personal injury cases are subject to a statute of limitations, or the time limit for filing a claim and requesting compensation. This legal deadline in Texas is two years. Not taking legal action within this period means losing your right to recover damages. 

It would also be in your best interests to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Wasting time means losing important evidence and making it harder for witnesses to recall the events that led to an accident. Your lawyer can also determine if your case is subject to any exceptions or other time limits

Should I speak with insurance adjusters?

While reporting your accident to the insurance company is necessary, you should avoid speaking further with insurance adjusters. That’s especially important in the days following an accident. It’s easy to make a mistake and give a recorded statement that could be the reason behind your claim’s dismissal. 

Rather than speaking to the insurance adjusters alone, let your lawyer guide the conversation. They can help you avoid saying the wrong things that may get your settlement denied. They can also be a vital part of negotiating your settlement. 

What can I expect from my settlement?

Personal injury settlements can vary depending on factors that determine your compensation. Those factors include the nature of your injuries and the future expenses you’ll have to deal with to maintain your quality of life. 

A qualified personal injury lawyer will focus on both economic and non-economic damages, including the pain and suffering you’re experiencing because of the accident. They can also give you a rough estimate of your settlement based on past experiences, similar cases, and tools for calculating your claim’s value. 

How will I pay for my personal injury lawyer?

Our law firm handles cases for a contingency fee. This means that your personal injury lawyer won’t get paid if you don’t get compensated for your claim, and their fees will come from a percentage of your settlement. 

We also offer free consultations before you make any decisions. We understand what you’re going through, physically and financially, and we’ll do our best to find an option that suits your case. 

Need Answers? Contact a Richmond Injury Lawyer 

Whether the insurance company is wasting your time, or the at-fault party claims they’re not at fault, our legal team at The Estes Law Firm is here to protect your claim. We’re ready to pursue your right to receive a fair settlement. 

If you’re struggling to overcome your injuries and need answers, reach out to a personal injury lawyer for guidance. You can call us at 281-238-5400 or you can complete our website’s contact form below.