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Each year, personal injury claims account for the vast majority of cases filed in Texas. An injury can result from a fall, a dog attack, mistreatment in a nursing home, or any type of car accident. Given the high cost of personal injury, filing a lawsuit to seek compensation is critical.

Understanding the cause of the injury is important because it serves as the foundation for determining liability. Remember, property damaged as a result of the incident is not covered under these claims. It is best to consult with a Stafford personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Law in Stafford, Texas

The legal basis for a personal injury case is negligence. Texas, on the other hand, uses comparative negligence to determine negligence in civil disputes. If the plaintiff is partially to blame for the accident, the number of damages will be reduced under comparative negligence. In Texas, this is known as contributory negligence.

It is critical to consult with an attorney as soon as possible following the accident so that you can evaluate your case before the statute of limitations expires. Similarly, in cases involving charges of medical negligence or injuries caused by dangerous or defective products, the statute of limitations applies. 

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

Personal injury laws are complicated, and obtaining justice usually entails negotiating claim payouts with insurance companies and, in some cases, going to court. It can be difficult to determine what you require and are entitled to, so here is a list of things to consider when calculating your claim.

  • How much damage was done to your property?
  • What are your medical expenses?
  • Will you have surgery in the future?
  • Are your injuries extensive or disabling?

Filing A Personal Injury Claim in Stafford?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit in Texas depends on the facts of your case. The statute of limitations requires that a personal injury lawsuit or other types of civil claim be filed within a certain amount of time. If you do not meet this deadline, your claim will be dismissed.

Personal injury lawsuits are subject to legal proceedings outlined in the Texas Code of Civil Procedure, but in practice, this can be difficult. In Texas, you have two years from the date of your injury to file a lawsuit. This is because the time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit is governed by the statute of limitations. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Speak To a Stafford Personal Injury Lawyer 

If you are overwhelmed by your injury and the daily challenges it brings, you may make a hasty decision to accept the first offer you receive from the insurance company. This, on the other hand, is a blunder. You might end up with far less than you deserve.

If you have been injured in an accident, you should talk to a Stafford personal injury lawyer. At The Estes Law Firm we take each and every case very seriously. Our goal is to provide you with the personal attention you deserve while also handling your case professionally. Please contact us at 281-238-5400 for a free consultation.