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Dog Bitten? Don’t Let It Take a Bite Out of Your Wallet

The Estes Law Firm is one of the country’s top trial lawyers, representing clients who experienced a dog bite injury. Lawsuits can seem messy, but we do our best to make them client-friendly by offering flexible consultation scheduling. Our ability to reach a broad swath of the community and help them secure benefits following an injury is a significant reason why multiple professional associations certify our excellence. Dog bites can quickly cause a host of problems – including infection – that result in lost income and expensive medical bills, so quick action is crucial.

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Dog Bites Are Not Harmless, So Act Quickly

Dog bites might seem harmless, but they are not. Over 900,000 Americans require medical care for dog bites each year, according to the CDC. Sometimes, dog bites are skin-deep issues that heal over time. But they can have long-lasting impacts, resulting in infection, scarring, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Over time, it can grow increasingly expensive to treat these conditions.
Rather than putting yourself in that position, hire The Estes Law Firm to represent you in a case against the owner of the dog who bit you. We can implement a legal strategy that forces the defendant to pay you what you deserve, either during pre-trial phases or during a trial itself.

How We Litigate a Dog Bite Case

As with any legal situation, the details matter. If the dog bit you and you did something to provoke it, it will be more challenging to pursue action. Illegally trespassing on the owners’ land is another action that poses difficulties. The key is unprovoked action. If we can demonstrate you did not prompt the animal to bite you in any way, then you have a strong case. We need to provide the owner was negligent in some manner and that this neglect led to the bite. There is also a statute that makes owners financially responsible regardless of carelessness. The last route for us is proving the owner knew the dog tends to bite. No matter which strategy we use, you can feel confident in our team’s experience and expertise. Schedule a no-hassle, flexible consultation today. We’ll begin the hard work of representing your case in court and the mediation room.

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