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A spinal cord injury is traumatic, and its effects extend to the victim’s friends and family. A spine injury lawyer can help you in the legal and financial aspects of the case, ensuring that you can claim full compensation under the law.

If you suffer a spinal cord injury due to someone else’s fault or negligence, it’s only reasonable that you’d want to recover compensation for the damage caused.

A spinal cord injury damages the connections of the spine to the brain. The spine is connected to plenty of nerve endings that let you move the different parts of your body. When your spinal cord is injured, it could lead to a partial or full loss of movement and feeling. Talk to a Richmond spinal cord injury lawyer about your injuries to see if you can get help with your claim.

What Causes a Spinal Cord Injury?

A few common causes of spinal cord injuries are motor vehicle accidents, falls (possibly at work), physical assaults, and, sometimes, surgical operations.

The incidents that cause a spinal cord injury are brief, but their effects can last for a long time. In some cases, they can even last for an entire lifetime. No matter the duration or the degree of the injury, the financial and emotional consequences that follow can be catastrophic.

How to Recover Compensation from Spinal Cord Injuries

If the spinal cord injury arose out of and in the course of the victim’s employment, then the remedy would be to file a claim under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Unfortunately, Texas doesn’t require all employers to be covered by mandatory workers’ insurance. In those cases, your remedy could be to file a lawsuit for damages.

Who Is Liable for Spinal Cord Injuries?

For spinal cord injuries, the liable party is the one whose fault or negligence caused the spinal cord injury. This could be the person who directly caused the injury, or the employer whose negligence allowed the spinal cord injury to happen. Other parties may also be at fault.

It is crucial to establish a connection between the spinal cord injury and the fault or negligence of the other party.

Whether in a claim for workers’ compensation or a lawsuit for damages, proving this connection can be tricky and complicated. But that’s how we can help.

Reach Out to a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Unlike in medicine, lawyers do not have residency periods where they practice their desired specialization. That’s why when choosing a lawyer, it’s important to choose one who knows the law and knows the intricacies surrounding spinal cord injuries.

To successfully bring an action for spinal cord injuries, the lawyer should establish the nature of the injury and its connection with the acts of the other party.

Proving the amount of damages you’re entitled to is also an important part of the lawyer’s work. In addition to proving the amount of expenses incurred, proving damages in lost income is also crucial to claim full compensation. 

At The Estes Law Firm, an experienced Richmond spinal cord injury lawyer can assist you through the complicated legal processes involved in actions for spinal cord injuries. Contact us at 281-238-5400 for an initial consultation.