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We Can Help After a Vehicle Strikes You.

Many people have taken to walking because of its health benefits and because it is an excellent alternative to commuting or driving. There’s no waiting in traffic, no flat tires to deal with, no need to wait for the next bus. Walking also allows you to save on transportation expenses while boosting your creativity. However, it also exposes you to road hazards that may lead to a pedestrian accident. 

In a recent Smart Growth America report, Texas ranked the tenth most dangerous state for pedestrians. The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area, which Richmond is a part of, ranked 18th among the most dangerous metro areas in the country. When the insurers and liable party refuse to help, contact a Richmond pedestrian accident lawyer to pursue the funds you need to make a full recovery.

injured person shaking hands with lawyer

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

There are three major causes of pedestrian accidents—ignoring speed limits and traffic signs, distracted driving, and driving under the influence. 

However, pedestrians are not without fault themselves. Some pedestrians also ignore traffic signs. In Richmond, because the crosswalks are about half a mile apart, pedestrians tend to cross midway. If you’re not sure who’s liable for your pedestrian injury, contact a local accident lawyer for help to determine fault.

Filing for Compensation

If you are a pedestrian accident victim, you can file a claim to recover compensatory damages for negative effects, such as loss of income, lost earning capacity, medical bills, disfigurement, and emotional trauma. 

First, based on Texas laws on personal injury, you have to file your case against the liable party within two years of the accident. 

Second, you need to prove the other party’s negligence caused your injuries, loss, and hardships, which requires the following elements:

  • Breached duty of care
  • Cause in fact
  • Proximate Cause 
  • Loss

Third, you need to collect and present evidence to support your claim for damages. If applicable, these are eyewitness accounts, photos of the accident and the physical damages, medical reports relevant to the injury, related invoices of medical tests and procedures, and certification of loss of income from your employer. 

Fourth, under the Texas modified comparative negligence laws, you need to prove that you are not responsible, in any way, for the accident. Otherwise, your compensation will be reduced by the percent of fault you’re assigned.

Effects of a Pedestrian Accident

With nothing to protect your body from a crash, being involved in a pedestrian accident may be catastrophic, if not fatal. 

It may lead to serious injuries such as head and skull injury, traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding, nerve damage, fractured bones, amputation injuries, and paralysis. 

Even if the physical injury seems minor, a pedestrian accident victim would have to deal with its long-term effects, such as emotional and psychological trauma. 

Contact a Lawyer Today

When you’re hurt, suffering and unable to work because a driver was careless or negligent with your safety, consult a Richmond pedestrian accident lawyer from The Estes Law Firm today. Allow our team of top-rated injury attorneys to handle your claim while you focus on your rehabilitation and recovery. We’ll work doggedly to secure the compensation you’re entitled to by law. Call 281-238-5400 or fill out the contact form below to get started. 

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