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We Can Help if a Vehicle Strikes You

Motorists have a responsibility to pay attention to crosswalks and the roads to ensure they do not strike a pedestrian. You have a right to file a lawsuit against the person who hit you. Nobody should have to live with the financial stress your injuries have placed on you. At The Estes Law Firm, we provide accident law to Richmond, TX pedestrians.

injured person shaking hands with lawyer

Can I Be Judged at Fault for My Accident?

Texas law has stipulations for winning judgments in pedestrian accident cases. For instance, drivers must exercise due care to avoid collisions with walkers and joggers. However, sometimes accidents are partially the pedestrian’s fault – if they darted into the road unexpectedly, for instance. Texas law follows a theory called modified comparative fault. This idea means their percentage of fault reduces the plaintiff’s damages. And if the plaintiff is more than 50% at fault, they’re prohibited from receiving benefits.

How We Win a Judgment in Your Favor

To win a case, you must demonstrate the defendant to be at fault through negligence. Under Texas law, you have a right to pursue financial compensation for your accident. However, the law protects the defendants of lawsuits, as well. There are five elements of negligence: duty, breach of duty, cause in fact, proximate cause, and damages. You must demonstrate the driver was supposed to act in a certain way and did not do so. Then you must prove your injuries resulted from that breach of duty. Proximate cause refers to establishing what a reasonable person would understand their actions as dangerous. Finally, you must have suffered actual hardship.

Contact Us Today for Pedestrian Accident Help

The Estes Law Firm takes pride in our ability to deliver outstanding legal services to our clients. We are skilled at investigating accidents by poring over police reports and insurance statements to establish the party’s fault and mitigate our clients’ responsibility. Our goal is to win a judgment that helps our clients afford medical payments and compensate them for any lost wages they may have incurred.

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