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The Estes Law Firm is an experienced SUV accident lawyer in Richmond, TX. In Texas, trucks and SUVs are more popular than ever. However, these vehicles are more prone to rolling over during accidents than modest-sized sedans – and rollovers are incredibly dangerous. Tire blowouts are also common in larger vehicles. But did you know you have a legal case against the vehicle or tire manufacturer responsible for designing and manufacturing your vehicle? There is no reason to suffer pain and suffering, lost wages, mental anguish, physical impairment, disfigurement, or reduced enjoyment of life without compensation. We can help.

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We Can Safeguard Your Interests Following a Rollover

SUVs account for the highest totals of deaths involving rollovers. But many times, the person in the accident survives. Due to the severity of the accident, they are often left with debilitating and often lifelong chronic pain and injuries. Auto manufacturers are liable if we can demonstrate their product was defective from the start. We understand how to work backward, first piecing together your accident, then determining whether we can prove the carmaker was negligent. The most common cause of rollovers is tire blowouts. Did you know Ford recalled a significant number of Explorers to replace the Firestone tires they used in their vehicles? These are examples of situations we can rectify.

You May Have a Case: Let Us Lend a Helping Hand

Many automobile and tire manufacturers will attempt to blame you for their own mistakes. For example, they often claim under-inflation causes the tread separation that leads to blowouts – but it doesn’t. In many cases, they negligently made tires that endangered your life. Most drivers are unaware of how defective their truck or SUV is – at least until disaster drives. If you have recently rolled over, take nothing for granted. You may very well have a case against the tire maker or the manufacturer of your vehicle.

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