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Have you considered the languages your personal injury attorney speaks before hiring them?

When looking for a lawyer, most people focus on things like affordability and word-of-mouth referrals, but rarely do they consider language.

Texas is home to an extremely diverse population. It’s not uncommon to be involved in a personal injury lawsuit with people who speak a different language from yours.

If you’re searching for a multilingual personal injury lawyer in Richmond, get in touch with The Estes Law Firm. Our attorneys speak English, Spanish, Russian, and Swiss-German.

Benefits of Hiring a Multilingual Personal Injury Attorney

Why should you hire a multilingual attorney in Texas?

Someone Who Understands You Better

For a personal injury lawyer to serve you better, they need to understand your story and where you’re coming from. And what better way to do this than having someone who speaks your language?

Additionally, for you to be able to express yourself adequately to your attorney, there has to be some sense of trust and comfort. A multilingual injury lawyer makes all these easy for you, which ultimately works best for your claim.

Eliminating Translation Errors

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “lost in translation.” When words are translated from one language to another, some tend to lose their meaning and end up altering the message.

Similarly, if you’re working with a law firm whose attorneys speak English only, they may need a translator when talking to you or a loved one who’s been hurt. A multilingual legal professional, on the other hand, doesn’t need a third party, eliminating any chances of mistakes during translation.

Legal Resources in Your Language

It’s difficult to find useful resources on U.S. personal injury and other laws in languages other than English. Fortunately, a multilingual law firm can make such resources available to ensure you understand what’s happening in your case. This way, you’re also certain that your decisions are informed.

At The Estes Law Firm, we have legal resources you might need for an injury claim both in English and Spanish.

Speaking with Multilingual Witnesses

When you live in a diverse state like Texas, it’s not a surprise to work with non-English speaking eyewitnesses. How does an attorney connect, earn trust, and understand their testimonies if they cannot speak their language?

Studies show that people who share the same language collaborate better than those who don’t. This will be the same case with your multilingual injury attorney and such witnesses.

Contact a Multilingual Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond

Are you worried about a possible language barrier in your case? This is why we bring you personal injury attorneys who can speak more than one language, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Swiss-German.

Get in touch with The Estes Law Firm to connect with a multilingual injury lawyer. Dial 281-238-5400 or simply fill out the form below to get started.