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If you were injured in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, you should hire the best personal injury lawyer you can find. When calculating the financial costs of your disabilities, consider long-term medical expenses, lost earning potential, and the emotional impact on those around you.

Nobody expects to wake up one morning and find themselves in a car accident or other type of preventable injury. It’s a tumultuous event that will rock your world to its foundations. In this case, it is critical that you hire a Rosenberg personal injury lawyer to assist you in obtaining fair compensation.

Proving Negligence

In some cases, a settlement is reached before the plaintiff files a formal lawsuit. If the case goes to trial, the plaintiff (the person who was injured) must prove the following.:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care
  • The defendant failed to fulfill that duty of care.
  • The defendant breached that duty of care, causing the plaintiff’s injury.
  • The plaintiff suffered damages as a result of the breach of that duty of care.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Rosenberg, Texas

The vast majority of accident victims will have to deal with their insurance providers. This could be your insurance company or the insurer who provided coverage to the person responsible for your accident. To successfully file a claim in Rosenberg, Texas, you must speak with an insurance agent over the phone.

Remember that claim adjusters are primarily compensated for their ability to reduce total claim payments. In turn, insurance companies profit by minimizing damage and charging the insured a higher premium. When filing a lawsuit, it is critical to consider property damage, long-term medical treatment, and lost wages. Anyone who has been injured in a preventable accident should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit Near You

In order to win a personal injury lawsuit, several factors must be considered. The first is the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations limits the amount of time an injured person has to file a lawsuit. This period varies depending on the facts of the case, but it is usually two years from the date of injury.

Be cautious when speaking with the claims adjuster assigned to your case. Based on the information you provide and their findings, they will calculate the smallest amount they will offer to settle your personal injury claim. Consult the personal injury law and a lawyer before accepting a low-ball settlement.

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rosenberg

A Rosenberg personal injury lawyer can provide you with a free personal injury consultation. This means that any legal fees incurred by your family as a result of the law firm’s services will be deducted from your final monetary compensation. 

You will receive the best legal advice for your specific situation. You’ll be able to make sound financial decisions for your family. Perhaps the most important consideration is that you have nothing to lose. Call us for a free consultation at 281-238-5400.